Coming Soon…Lent 2020: Women of the Old Testament

Sarai by Micah Hayns

This year for Lent I will be writing a blog post each day (except Sundays) about a different woman from the Old Testament. There will be stories of courage, intrigue and adventure. There will be tales of passion, jealousy and love. Some of the women will be well known (Eve), and others you may have never heard of (the daughters of Zelophehad). I am hoping that as we hear the stories of these women of old we might learn something from them and see how they might relate to the experiences of women and men today.

Each day there will be a post which should take about 5mins to read, followed by something to think about and a prayer.

The posts will be illustrated and some will include pictures by Micah Hayns, like this one of Sarai.

Every Saturday there will be a guest post.

Lent begins on Wednesday 26th February.

I hope you can join me.